Mud Season - TTS 59 (Travel)

If it’s a travel show, why is Gary going off on a tangent about the Alabama Abortion Law? (Because everyone else is).

Then travel? No, then Frazz, and Pixel 3a XL… then travel.

Cyndi and Gary were in Park City, Utah for vacation last week. Absolutely the wrong time to go? It’s a ski resort, but the snow was melting, and the mountain was too muddy to play on (hence “Mud Season”). Winter, Summer and even Fall are when Park City shines. Even the locals leave in Spring. But… they found stuff to do.


Boyz & the Hoodz - TTS 58 (Activist)

On (more or less) our first anniversary, we meet Enzo and Jody, a couple of young activists who got arrested for allegedly putting Klan hoods (or cloth napkins) on one of those Confederate monuments at the Capital.

Then over to the Legislative building to watch the state Senate override the Governor's veto of the "Born Alive" anti-abortion bill (it's still got to go to the state House before the override is successful, and the outcome is less certain there.

Finally, Gary takes himself on a tour of the Confederate monuments on the Capital grounds to see just how racist it really is. Spoiler... it is.

Gary had a little technical trouble (a result of being late and no rehearsal for a technically complex episode), so while the audio comes to you in one piece, the video on YouTube is in two parts, and you get to see Gary flounder in a “what could possibly go wrong” situation. The Smash Racism Raleigh Press Conference is missing from the show due to audio trouble. I fixed it later, and it’s here on YouTube: - I got there late, so it starts “in progress”.

Oh, and Gary reviews Avengers Endgame, sort of. No spoilers.


Edge Case of an Edge Case - TTS 57 (Politics)

UPDATE: On Thursday, Governor Cooper did veto SB 359. WRAL story is here:

This week both the NC Senate and House passed HB 602 / SB 359, the so-called Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. (Really… legislation titles should be generated by an independent commission. Maybe the same one that we hope to form to draw district lines to end Gerrymandering. What else do they have to do for the other 9 years?). The bill now goes to Governor Roy Cooper for… hopefully… a veto. If he vetoes the bill, it will head back to the General Assembly for an override vote, and hopefully, again, Democrats will hold their ranks to sustain the veto.

In this episode, Gary takes you on a little tour of the Legislative Building, and then drops in for the House debate on the Act (with his vast experience of this being his first time ever seeing the House and Senate in action).


Release the Report Rally Raleigh - TTS 56 (Activist)

Tuesdays With Tillis led a bunch of civic groups in Raleigh’s version of the Release the Report Rally held in over 300 cities on Thursday, April 4. Here’s the complete rally (minus the march around the Capitol building).

The EmCee is Karen Ziegler. Speakers are Faisal R. Khan of the Carolina Peace Center and Progress NC Action; State Senators Wiley Nickel, 16th District; Jay Chaudhuri, 15th District; and Erica D Smith, 3rd District; Bob Phillips, Executive Director, Common Cause; and Gerald D. Givens, President of Raleigh-Apex NAACP. Music was by the Raging Grannies, Randa McNamara and Michael Flaherty (thanks to Marci Curtis on Facebook for giving me their names. I didn’t put titles on them because I didn’t know who they were at the time).

Here’s the show on YouTube:

The TTS website:

TTS 55 (Politics): League of Extraordinary Women Voters (Wake County)

Our guest is Dianna Wynn, Communications Coordinator and President Elect of the Wake County chapter of the League of Women Voters. Diana and Gary do a deep dive into what the League is about (it’s about to turn 100 next year, for one thing), and the last third of the show concentrates on the Gerrymandering lawsuit that the League and Common Cause argued before the Supreme Court this week.