TTS 53 (Activist): Climate Strike

Today (Friday, March 15) is a nationwide Climate Strike - students skipping school to focus on the 12 years we have left to turn things around in the climate.

First, Gary talked to 6 young women Seniors from Wakefield HS. Then some (ahem) older activists who he met at Tuesdays with Tillis a couple weeks ago.

Gary recorded the interviews audio-only. The YouTube video for this episode is mostly a slide show of a few pictures he took.

The TTS website is:

TTS 52 (Abortion): No Mo Roe? Oh No!

Journalist Robin Marty focuses on threats to the Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade, that legalized abortion in all 50 states in 1973. Her new book, Handbook for a Post-Roe America, is action-oriented, anticipating a variety of actions that limit women’s access to safe, legal abortion, including the new Supreme Court overturning the Roe decision.

Robin will be talking about the Handbook at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill this Friday (March 15th), and at Goodyear Arts in Charlotte on Saturday (March 16th) (both in support of Carolina Abortion Fund).

TTS 51: If It's Tuesday

Tuesday is Tuesday’s With(out) Tillis day, a weekly protest in front of NC Senator Thom Tillis’ Raleigh office in the Federal Building on New Bern Ave. Gary visited this Tuesday to see what it was all about. Listen or watch and you’ll see, too. Speeches, chants, music, a little marching, and a lot of passion.

The episode wraps up with an extended interview with Elena Ceberio, an activist affiliated with the Poor People's Campaign in NC.