TTS 31 (Vacation): Beach Week

Not his… ours, a week at Holden Beach, truncated by yet another hurricane.

There are few beach pictures on the YouTube Video.

Other than that, nothing to see here. And we put the pictures in a slide show, below. So skip the YouTube. (If you’re reading this in the ‘description’ on your podcast app, you probably need to go to the TTS web site to see the pictures. The link is below.)

Oh, and it’s been so damn hot this ‘fall’ that Gary declares this August 49th, not October 9th. And after thinking about it (and noticing we screwed up the date in the episode title), it was really August 69th. That’s August 31, plus 39 more August-like days to get thru September to October 9, minus one day just because we wanted the number to end in ‘9’. (or minus one day because there was one cool day in September… take your pick of rationalization).

Some pix below (on the web site). You can save the ‘texture’ shots as wallpaper if you want.