TTS 43 (Politics): Women's March on Raleigh 2019

The Women’s March on Raleigh stages it’s third annual event on Saturday, January 26, 2019 with a march up Fayetteville Street and a rally in Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh.

TTS host Gary Pearce decided to volunteer after seeing some Facebook announcements. At one of the meetings he met activist and dynamo Elizabeth Crudup from Harnett Couty , and Gary may have mentioned something about doing a political podcast nobody had ever heard of. Elizabeth’s eyes lit up. Turns out Gary’s research was right - there are only a few political shows in the area, and nothing that can really dig in at the grassroots level.

They planned a show. Gary asked Elizabeth to invite a few other activists, and she did. You’ll meet Ken Presting, a political organizer in Cary; Alan Longman, who’s primary interest is in drugs and the courts in Harnett County; and Chuck Tryon, a volunteer with Indivisible in Fayetteville.

The discussion starts with the Women’s March, then moves on to not-nearly-every topic near to the hearts of progressives and Democrats in the Triangle area… but a lot of them.