TTS Zero Point Zero: This is only a test

This is only a test... but you're going to listen anyway? Fine...

The Triangle Talk Show is planned to be a news/ politics/ culture/ events/ pets/ tech/ opinion/ analysis general interest show (aka 'gabfest') about the Triangle area of North Carolina (greater Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and beyond as far as people are interested). Episode Zero is really a test, a filler to have something to send to iTunes to get listed in their directory. But I'm a wind-up doll. Put me in front of a mic and I talk.

Apple won’t let us call this ‘Episode Zero’, so you may see a ‘1’ in the listing somewhere on your podcast app. Episode Zero is ‘podcaster-speak’ for “Let’s get something on tape and see how bad we suck”. Brave or foolish podcasters will publish Episode Zero. Others will hide it in a dark closet, and only pull it out for personal terror, maybe after they’ve become successful.


Watch our logo float slowly across the screen while you listen.....



OK, here's the deal... We have a YouTube Channel. Many podcasts put their show on YouTube as audio, with some basic graphics on the video. Maybe just a logo, maybe something actually related to the audio content. But they're not really a TV show. They're just trying to find that elusive audience anywhere they can. So the video here is in that vein.

My goal is to make the Triangle Talk Show a stand alone audio program. But, I have all this TV equipment – cameras, lights, a switching system – I've done TV all my career and the ham radio show was TV. So... might as well use it. I'll probably record some, maybe most of the shows as video, released on YouTube and Facebook. So some kind of talking-head thing, maybe showing web sites. While that adds complexity, I've learned some ways to KISS the video. 

I'm also thinking of putting them live on YouTube (or maybe Facebook?) as we record, and setting some kind of regular schedule. I know several other shows that do this. Again, not a slick CNN/Fox News style TV show, but you see the host's face, and maybe a guest's face. I can do a little better than that, but keep the extra work down.

The 'regular schedule' is the part that adds the most complexity. Getting co-hosts and guests all together at the same time (on Skype, so at least you don't have to get them to the same place) is hard enough. Telling them it's "X o'clock" means you need the juice to make them really want to be on the show. That's not us (yet?). 

Just thinking out loud for now....