TTS 2 (Bull Session): Pod Save the Triangle

Episode 2 is way different than Episode 1. I've invited three area podcasters to a bull session, and we had a great time getting to know each other. We talk some podcasting (because that's what we have in common), our 'real' lives, then whether or not this show is going to get the 'explicit' tag (it does, but only for a few minutes... blame Siri), and then we get deep into the weeds on DC vs Marvel TV shows and movies. (Damn, I forgot to bring up Agents of Shield... oh well).

'Pod Save the Triangle' is a hat-tip to (or blatant theft from) Crooked Media, a group that's making a ton of totally political, very left-wing podcasts, and are having way too much fun doing it. Among them are 'Pod Save America', 'Pod Save the People' and 'Pod Save the World'. Unfortunately, none of my co-hosts had heard of them, so we didn't really go there. 

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