TTS 7 (Poli-Tech): Google's Gonna Replace Me

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On this show, some politics, and some tech...


Wrapping up the primary with a look at raw vote totals from the Wake County races, and some enlightenment on the County Commissioner's race from Indy Week. 


Google CEO Sundar Pachai demonstrated a scary-good digital assistant that can carry on very human-like conversations to, say, book a haircut or restaurant reservation for you. Or take over producing a podcast?

Then the NC DOT got permission from the FAA to coordinate a drone delivery test project.

And some followup on the Uber self-driving car fatality in Arizona. Human's failed the machine?

Finally, Gary gets a robo-call from Tech Support, saying his computer has been compromised. Maybe that's why all the tech was failing as he tried to start the show.


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