TTS 9 (Travel): Hawaii 5 uh-0

Normally we attempt to make the Triangle Talk Show an audio event. The video we usually make is just talking heads. But this time it's as much show as it is tell, and the video is worth checking out. So we'll paste the viewer in here:


The Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii has been continuously erupting since 1983, sending lava someplace. But that place keeps changing. This month it's hitting a rural neighborhood of Leilani Estates, eating up houses along the lava's path. The volcano itself is hundreds of thousands of years old.

But from the TV news it's hard to make the geographic connection between the volcano's location summit, and where the damage is. And they don't explain that Kilauea doesn't look like your typical volcano (like the emoji on your phone). It's really pretty flat (or 'gently rising' from sea level to the summit at 4000'), along the flank of 14,000' high Mauna Loa (which is not erupting and hasn't for decades, and has had no big eruption from the summit in over a century... but that's not very long in geologic time. It did have an eruption along the northeast side in 1984 that almost reached the coastal town of Hilo).

Cyndi and I have done the tourist thing several times, right in the current lava flow area. I've got some 'home movie' footage from the 2015 lava flows, just a few miles from where this year's rifts are opening.

It took me a while to understand the geographic relationship between Mauna Loa, Kilauea, and the recent lava flows. Cyndi and I make a game effort at explaining that... a head start for you if you decide to visit the area.