TTS 10 (Business): Job Interview

I'm applying for a job as 'Your Podcaster'.

The TTS episodes up to this point can be considered my 'application' and 'cover letter'.  This is our interview.

Audio's good enough, you don't need video, but if you want to look at my face, here's the YouTube Link.

These are the podcasts and news sources I refer to. Mostly you don't need links - just search the names in your podcast app.

  • The Rachael Maddow Show
  • Bill O'Riley (off the list... sorry, Bill)
  • N&O Digital (e-edition as a PDF)
  • Indy Week
  • NBC Nightly News (podcast version)
  • On the Media (a weekly NPR show, with a weekly 'Podcast Extra')
  • Marketplace and Marketplace Tech (two more NPR shows)
  • Make Me Smart (a real podcast from the Marketplace anchors)
  • The Domecast - a local weekly podcast from the News & Observer
  • Reliable Sources - a CNN TV show in podcast form, also with a weekly 'Podcast Extra' episode.
  • Stay Tuned with Preet — a weekly podcast by the former US Attorney for the
    Southern District of New York (the guy Trump fired)
  • Slow Burn (complete 1st season on Watergate online now... coming next, Clinton impeachment)
  • Make No Law - The First Amendment Podcast
  • Off Message - a political podcast from Politico
  • Brad and Britt Show
  • Crooked Media (multiple shows)
  • TWiT (This Week in Tech - multiple shows)
  • FiveThirtyEight - I forgot to mention this on the show, but it's one of my favorite series of podcasts.
    • FiveThirtyEight specialized in polling, and the shows orbit around polling data, but they talk about lots more (and they have a sports section).
    • I suspect most of the participants are a little left-leaning, but it all sounds pretty balanced to me
    • Don't miss the 6-part Gerrymandering Project. The issues, problems and solutions to Gerrymandering are a lot more complicated than you might think.
      • "Non-partisan redistricting?" Listen to them talk about the states that have tried it.
    • BTW, 538 is the number of electors in the Electoral College.