TTS 4 (Bull Session): Flat as a Pancake

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Lee Kal-El Clark returns for his second co-host shot, joined by first-timer Regis Jack for another Bull Session. We'll talk Podcasting some, open mic night comedy, the Flat Earth Society (hence the episode title), peace between the Koreas, a wrestler running for Mayor in Tennessee, and men being dicks (started out as Cosby and Brokaw). Gotta be something in there you'll like.

Lee's show is Rockin the Carolinas, a Hockey-leaning sports show currently on hiatus, but catch the oldies until he returns this summer.

Regis does a stream of unconsciousness show called Distracted Euphoria

Here's a Flat Earth story...

And the Wrestlin' Mayor...

You'll have to find your own story about men being dicks. Shouldn't be hard to find one.

See what everyone looks like on the YouTube video.