TTS 16 (Travel): Thar She Blows!

Normally we put the audio player here, but this episode is a TV show. You really should watch the video. So the YouTube player is here on the web site (we'll put the audio player down the page a bit... and this may really mess up podcast apps - sorry!).

Gary and Cyndi are back in Hawai'i for the umpteenth time, and Gary's planning to put out a couple of 'travel' episodes while he's there. This one is a quest for banana bread. Not just any banana bread... Julia's Banana BreadIt's worth a day's drive on narrow, twisty roads.

Another apology: we're using a new 'On the Road' podcast configuration, and Gary messes up getting the 'vacation' video started. He's watching it on the screen, but you're watching him putter around a bit before he realizes the mistake, rewinds and starts over. Since this was YouTube Live, there's no fixing it. Good thing he was wearing pants.

OK, here's the audio player. But really.. it's a TV show...