TTS 17 (more Travel): What Goes Down...

Part Two from our 2018 series from Hawaii... Cyndi and Gary complete an eight-mile hike, 1000 feet down, 1000 feet back up, from near the top of the 10,000 foot Haleakala volcano on Maui. Then dinner and an unexpectedly spectacular sunset, and a reprise visit to the summit (and pizza) the next day.

Yes, this is another full-fledged TV show, so yay YouTube, and apologies to the podcast listeners. And it has nothing to do with the Triangle, except we meet a young couple from Fort Bragg who blew our doors off hiking back up. Here's the YouTube show link:

We attempted this hike the first time last year (2017). While we started too late to get to the crater floor, we did have a beautifully clear day, so the video is even better. Here's the YouTube link, and note that this is one of our 7-part series from that trip to Hawaii:

And here (on the web site) is a little slide show of still pictures from the trip: