TTS 46 (Safety): Safety Dance

Just because it’s Gary and Bobby doesn’t mean it doesn’t get political… for a while. But then it’s a bunch of stuff, so just listen or watch.

Oh, and we beat the BBC. They let their copyright claim expire after initially rejecting our dispute. See TTS #37A and 42 for details (find them in the INDEX)


And coming as no surprise at all, most of the music we played short clips from, talked over and commented on were ‘monetized’ by the record labels. We could fight it, too, based on Fair Use, and possibly ‘win’ (considering they are the judge, jury and executioner should we do that). But since they’re not taking the video down, we’ll let it go (for now). Interesting that the Safety Dance wasn’t included in this list… yet.

YouTube Music Claim TEMP.JPG