Edge Case of an Edge Case - TTS 57 (Politics)

UPDATE: On Thursday, Governor Cooper did veto SB 359. WRAL story is here: https://www.wral.com/cooper-vetoes-born-alive-abortion-bill/18333666/

This week both the NC Senate and House passed HB 602 / SB 359, the so-called Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. (Really… legislation titles should be generated by an independent commission. Maybe the same one that we hope to form to draw district lines to end Gerrymandering. What else do they have to do for the other 9 years?). The bill now goes to Governor Roy Cooper for… hopefully… a veto. If he vetoes the bill, it will head back to the General Assembly for an override vote, and hopefully, again, Democrats will hold their ranks to sustain the veto.

In this episode, Gary takes you on a little tour of the Legislative Building, and then drops in for the House debate on the Act (with his vast experience of this being his first time ever seeing the House and Senate in action).