Boyz & the Hoodz - TTS 58 (Activist)

On (more or less) our first anniversary, we meet Enzo and Jody, a couple of young activists who got arrested for allegedly putting Klan hoods (or cloth napkins) on one of those Confederate monuments at the Capital.

Then over to the Legislative building to watch the state Senate override the Governor's veto of the "Born Alive" anti-abortion bill (it's still got to go to the state House before the override is successful, and the outcome is less certain there.

Finally, Gary takes himself on a tour of the Confederate monuments on the Capital grounds to see just how racist it really is. Spoiler... it is.

Gary had a little technical trouble (a result of being late and no rehearsal for a technically complex episode), so while the audio comes to you in one piece, the video on YouTube is in two parts, and you get to see Gary flounder in a “what could possibly go wrong” situation. The Smash Racism Raleigh Press Conference is missing from the show due to audio trouble. I fixed it later, and it’s here on YouTube: - I got there late, so it starts “in progress”.

Oh, and Gary reviews Avengers Endgame, sort of. No spoilers.