Ssshhharlotte - TTS 63 (Choice)

On June 24, 2019, the Charlotte City Council passed an amended noise ordinance, prohibiting amplified sound within 150 feet of churches, schools, and health care facilities. In practice, it will mostly affect the noisy protests that regularly occur in front of the city's abortion clinics. The ordinance does not limit protesting immediately in front of the clinics – it only limits amplified speech and loud noise.

In this episode, we'll assault your ears with a few minutes of those protests from Charlotte, and another few minutes of our home-grown protests at a clinic in Raleigh, so you can get an idea of what the Charlotte City Council was considering (and what women seeking abortions have to confront as they enter and leave the clinics).

Then we've got a half hour of tightly edited comments from the Charlotte City Council meeting where the public made comments before the Council voted. The 'public' consisted mostly of anti-abortion protesters, countered by a much smaller group of pro-choice members of several women's groups and clinic employees.

The Council meeting went on for well over two hours. The 30-minute edit features a few of the anti-abortion protesters, who mostly took the opportunity to address what they see as the evils of abortion with a religion based argument. A few of them complained a little about censorship, while most of them failed to address the actual issues of the noise ordinance (why do they need amplifiers and speakers?). The pro-choice people all directly addressed the noise issue, so the edit includes more of them. The actual ratio of anti- to pro- was lopsided in the anti's favor.

The ordinance goes into effect on October 1, barring any (expected) court challenges and injunctions.