TTS 48 (Fairness?): How Old? How Bad? How Sure?

Everyone is calling for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign over a ‘racially insensitive’ picture that appeared in his Medical School Yearbook back in 1984, a picture he initially apologized for, then denied being part of.

Many public figures have lost jobs or offices over allegations of racism or me too style sexual impropriety (to put it too politely). Gary wonders where the lines are drawn, and he asked Elizabeth Crudup to return and help him see them.


TTS 46 (Safety): Safety Dance

Just because it’s Gary and Bobby doesn’t mean it doesn’t get political… for a while. But then it’s a bunch of stuff, so just listen or watch.

Oh, and we beat the BBC. They let their copyright claim expire after initially rejecting our dispute. See TTS #37A and 42 for details (find them in the INDEX)


And coming as no surprise at all, most of the music we played short clips from, talked over and commented on were ‘monetized’ by the record labels. We could fight it, too, based on Fair Use, and possibly ‘win’ (considering they are the judge, jury and executioner should we do that). But since they’re not taking the video down, we’ll let it go (for now). Interesting that the Safety Dance wasn’t included in this list… yet.

YouTube Music Claim TEMP.JPG

TTS 45 (Politics): Berning Question

Bernie Sanders… Running or not?

Well, yeah, probably. Can’t wait for an announcement, though. We’re talking to two Bernie supporters who are already on the ground, already running. You’ve met Elizabeth Crudup in Episode 43. We add Daniel Lockwood for a spirited discussion where host Gary Pearce tries to carve out the middle ground. ish.

The video’s on YouTube. The link takes you to the real start of the show. Something went goofy with the WARMUP (we put that on YouTube, too, but it should show up as a separate show. This time the files got smushed together. Back it up if you want to see that.

The website is:

TTS 44: Mom & ...Mom Are Fighting?

Mostly Bobby listens while Gary updates the Women’s March stuff. The Mom & Mom? That comes from the ‘disagreements’ between some in the Women’s movement and the leaders of the National March.

Bobby comes alive with some sports talk. We try for another takedown using some ESPN footage of a 360° basketball dunk.

Then turns out that Bobby’s ok with you guys praying at the start of a City Council meeting (which he’ll never attend). Not feeling coerced at all, while Gary is a little less sanguine about it.

And Gary explains how he’s sitting in the middle of a Neck Shaped Shower, while the Legislature isn’t listening to you at all.

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