Veto NOverride Part TWO- TTS 61 (Choice)

In PART ONE we looked at activity surrounding the ‘debate’ and vote on the NC House Republican’s failed attempt to override Governor Cooper’s veto of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (Senate Bill 359) .

Part TWO is the whole ‘debate’ . It runs about an hour. Several Republicans speak passionately (maybe a little cynically?) about the bill, while a lone Democrat pretty much demolishes their argument with logic. No minds (or votes) were changed. It’s all ‘more of the same’, so Gary adds some color commentary in an attempt to get you to watch this half of the episode.


Veto NOverride Part ONE - TTS 61 (Choice)

On Wednesday, June 5, the North Carolina House failed to override Governor Cooper’s veto of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (Senate Bill 359). The TTS camera was there!

Here in Part ONE, we’ll show some of the activity before the House session, an interview with three women involved in the Pro Choice movement (NC NOW President Gailya Paliga, and two Planned Parenthood South Atlantic staffers: Lindsay Robinson, Director of Public Affairs and Dani Hoffpauir, Field Organizer).

In Part TWO, we’ll play the entire ‘debate’ with Gary’s color commentary just to make it a little more interesting.


Correction (Dammit) - TTS 60 (Politics)

In Episode 59, I said that the new Alabama Abortion Law targeted women for criminal or civil prosecution if they had an abortion… even if the went out of state to do it. Then I started seeing news stories that directly contradicted that assertion. I reviewed my notes to see where I picked up that idea, but I hadn’t made any references or copied any links to articles. Did I dream it? I can’t prove otherwise.

So the law is somewhat less Draconian than the way I first presented itsomewhat. But it’s still pretty bad. - Gary Pearce


Mud Season - TTS 59 (Travel)

If it’s a travel show, why is Gary going off on a tangent about the Alabama Abortion Law? (Because everyone else is). NOTE: in the abortion monolog, Gary will say that the Alabama law targets women for prosecution (even if they get their abortion out of state). Fortunately for women, unfortunately for Gary, this is incorrect. Like the North Carolina “Born Alive” bill, and like most other anti-abortion legislation, the Alabama law has a specific clause exempting the pregnant woman from both civil and criminal liability, while placing the entire prosecution on the doctor. Gary fesses up in TTS Episode 60: Correction (Dammit).

Then travel? No, then Frazz, and Pixel 3a XL… then travel.

Cyndi and Gary were in Park City, Utah for vacation last week. Absolutely the wrong time to go? It’s a ski resort, but the snow was melting, and the mountain was too muddy to play on (hence “Mud Season”). Winter, Summer and even Fall are when Park City shines. Even the locals leave in Spring. But… they found stuff to do.